General Application

Do you think you match our requirements and description for the Senior iOS developer position?

About us

We are a dynamic and innovative team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology. We believe in the power of great ideas and their ability to shape the world around us.

What sets us apart is our unwavering passion for what we do. We thrive on challenges and view them as opportunities for growth and innovation. Our collaborative and inclusive work environment fosters creativity and encourages the sharing of ideas. We believe that by working together, we can achieve extraordinary results.

We treat each project with special care by paying attention to every detail and every possible direction, so there aren’t any blind spots.

Together, we will propel great ideas forward and make a lasting impact.

  • QA engineer with at least 3 years of experience in both manual testing and test automation
  • Working knowledge of tools, methods, and concepts of quality assurance
  • Experience with any OOP language (preferably C#/.NET)
  • Hands-on experience with mobile and web test automation
  • High proficiency with Appium or Selenium, or any other test automation framework
  • Experience with cloud testing tools (preferably BrowserStack)
  • Experience with test management tools (preferably TestLink)
  • Familiarity with project management tools (preferably Azure DevOps)
Who you are
  • You possess excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • BA or MA in Computer Science or equivalent working experience
  • You demonstrate outstanding teamwork and collaboration skills and have an analytical and problem-solving approach.
  • You have a technical mindset with strong attention to detail and the ability to think outside the box.
  • You exhibit curiosity and proactiveness and have a growth mindset.
Our offer…

Education budget

Our educational budget is like a bottomless bag of pixie dust for your inquisitive mind. Want to learn the secrets of coding sorcery? Dive into enchanting courses, sprinkle your code with a touch of whimsy, and watch your career take flight on the wings of a coding unicorn.

Challenging assignments and exciting projects

Forget boredom and embrace the thrill of solving puzzles that would make Sherlock Holmes scratch his head.


Unlock the mystical powers of the FitPass and transform into a coding ninja with abs of steel (or at least abs that enjoy a good laugh).

Private Health Insurance

We’ve got your back (and your front, and every other body part) with comprehensive health coverage.

Hybrid work

Embrace the best of both worlds with the freedom to work in your favorite pajamas or rock your professional attire, because we believe productivity doesn’t discriminate against cozy slippers.

Paid maternity leave

Congratulations on your pending promotion to “Chief Baby Engineer”! With your one-year commitment to our team, we’re thrilled to offer you paid maternity leave. Enjoy time off from coding to welcome your little bundle of joy, ensuring a smooth transition into this exciting new chapter of parenthood.

A day off for a child's first day of school (1st Grade)

We know how special this milestone is, so take the day to be there for your child and capture embarrassing photos for future blackmail purposes.

Learning opportunities

Expand your mind, sharpen your skills, and discover hidden talents with our array of learning resources. From coding to cat whispering, the choice is yours.

Dedicated mentors

Consider our mentors as your compass in the professional world, offering guidance on career choices, work-life balance, and personal growth, helping you navigate the twists and turns of your journey.