How We Operate

Our values shape the way we work, and experience makes sure we do it right.

What you get from us is always outstanding user experience supported by cutting-edge technologies.

We treat each project with special care, like it’s our own, by paying attention to every detail and every possible direction, so there aren’t any blind spots.

We discuss your needs and our ability to meet those needs. The main goal is to understand the scope, budget and time constraints.

We research the solution and make initial estimates. We eliminate assumptions and set up long-term goals.

We create quality and functional designs and develop a prototype to validate your idea and diminish potential risks.

Using agile and great cooperation we focus on developing the project with our full arsenal of knowledge and experience.

We ensure that the launch of the product proceeds smoothly without any issues. We can support you and maintain your product further to maximize its strengths.

Our Focus

We are engineers who are adept at problem-solving. We are not ideologically bound to specific tools, frameworks and languages we will simply use the best tool for the problem we are facing. But for the sake of our SEO, and if your search led you here, these are some of our focus areas:


We offer AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue.js, and a full range of other technologies and front-end development services for outstanding product and business results.


Our dedicated teams build the best interactive mobile apps with an extensive knowledge of the latest mobile development technologies and programming standards, including Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, Objective-C, Java, and more…


Our backend development services include Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Golang, and many other development services that create efficient solutions to meet your business needs.

What Our Clients Say

"Findity has had a long and successful collaboration with Propeller. Their growing team of developers with us are spread across our development teams together with our own developers in Sweden. The developers from Propeller are today an obvious integral part of Findity's development team and we manage them as our own employees. We are proud of what our joint product development team delivers on a daily basis."

Kristofer Hillhammar

"We at PodMe have found a very strong and flexible partner. They have been involved from day one and contributed both with pure development services as well as acting as a sounding board for concepts and the future."

Johan Strömberg

"They deliver customer value in a robust and reliable way, always solution-oriented."

Pontus Hymer

"Propeller helped us bring our idea to life. With their expertise and commitment throughout the process, from concept to launch, we felt safe and well taken care of. We are incredibly proud of the product that has been developed and we believe it will make a big difference for our customers."

Martin Orehag

"After standing still for a long time and stomping about how to proceed from idea to prototype, we got in touch with OnePropeller. Their coaching, energy and knowledge gave us the push, direction and support we needed to take the idea forward. Getting guidance and support in our entrepreneurial journey was vital for us to dare to invest in what we are passionate about."

Emilia Stjärnström Nilsson

Case Studies



An integrated solution for digital signing, legal tagging of important content, access control, reminder functions and much more.



In 2021, we teamed up with Actimate, an innovative startup in HealtTech, to refine their initial concept into a more robust product.



JCDecaux, the world’s leading outdoor advertising company, has been enhancing cityscapes and urban experiences worldwide.



We value teamwork and collective intelligence, recognizing that by working together we can do more than we can do individually.

  • Let’s Bring Your Ideas to Life

Our team of experts is here to research and ideate, ensuring that we eliminate assumptions and set long-term goals. With our focus on product design, we create quality and functional designs, developing prototypes to validate your ideas and diminish potential risks.

Our agile development approach and extensive knowledge and experience allow us to develop your project efficiently. Rest assured, our maintenance and support services will ensure a smooth launch of your product, maximizing its strengths.

Whether you need web development, mobile app development, or backend solutions, we have the expertise to deliver outstanding results for your business.

A Record of Great Collaborations

Over the years, we’ve collaborated with clients of all sizes, both locally and globally, including commissioned projects and studio-based work.
Here is some of them, and we appreciate them all.

Nordic Actuary
Isak Nyqvist
Hennes & Mauritz
Din Psykolog
Rosebud Ventures